GSN PODCAST: The Next Level – Episode 56

Join Amaech, Ant and guest host James Sims for the packed, fifty-sixth episode of The Next Level. This time, in the news, we discuss:

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* PS4 Bundle announcement,
* PS4 construction woes,
* Nintendo Bundles and Rising Wii U sales,
* Batman Beat-em-up on iOS and Android,
* Pre-Purchase Beta Access – Good or Bad?
* Grand Theft Auto’s breaking of records.

Additionally, Ant and James give their initial impressions of GTA V. Amaechi and James look back at this year’s Eurogamer and we have a quick look at some of the nominations for this year’s Golden Joystick Awards.

NOTE: Birth of the Federation (mentioned by James this episode) can be downloaded here: The site also has mods for the game, James says: “ultimate dominion wars is an amazing improvement over vanilla so if recommending to only get one mod then this would be it – they took the original and improved it quite a bit:.

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