GSN PODCAST: The Next Level – Episode 69

In November’s Episode, Amaechi is joined by Ant, Barry and James to discuss the latest happenings in their gaming worlds.

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: The Next Level – Episode 69

The show is packed this month as James reports back on his trip across the channel to Paris to check out the latest tablet games.Barry has also been dipping into the tablet gaming arena and chats about his iPad gaming month.

Amaechi and James once again attended the Golden Joystick awards, so they give a run-down of the event itself and highlight some of the winners. Given the number of “flawed” releases recently, the guys give their thoughts on the release of broken, buggy games and the trend of day one patching.

Finally the guys have some more reviews for you. Hear Ant’s first impressions of XBOX ONE exclusive post-apocalyptic  fun-fest, Sunset Overdrive and Amaechi and Barry discuss the latest Call of Duty offering – Advanced Warfare.

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  1. Congratulations Ant on the new addition to the family !

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