GSN PODCAST: The Next Level – Episode 71

Welcome to The Next Level in 2015!

Join the team on The Next Level as they delve into the latest news and announcements. Sony’s sales trend continues at an aggressive rate, Barry talks an Elite Dangerous convention in his home town. Ant smells conspiracy on the horizon amongst the talk …

Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: The Next Level – Episode 71

This month it’s the start of a new year and as is the tradition, Amaechi, Barry, Ant and James look back at 2014 and determine their Game of the Year. In round-robin style, the guys divulge their top three games of the year.

Also, please head over to to get information about the Dissecting Worlds Live! event in which the guys attempt to set up a colony on another world. They are after ideas and, ultimately participants to join them for the following:

Foleys pub
159 The Headrow
West Yorkshire

12 – 5 pm, Saturday 21st February

Drop on over and get involved!

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