GSN PODCAST: The Next Level Episode 75

Welcome to episode 75 of The Next Level. This time, Ant and James delve into the news, looking at Microsoft’s team up with Oculus amongst other items.

From there, the guys take a look at this year’s E3 expo, running through their expectations for the conferences and picking out some key games to watch out for.

Listen Online:
Direct Download: GSN PODCAST: The Next Level Episode 75

Be sure to check out the National Videogame Arcade, mentioned this week (and Ant’s review of it here!).

As mentioned this episode, the team will be taking a break over the summer to have a re-set of the podcast. If you have any opinions on the kind of content you would like to see from The Next Level or even holes in the gaming podcast market – let us know by emailing [email protected]

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