GUEST PODCAST: Filmsploitation Episode #46: Do Not Disturb The Podcast

filmsploitation_Ep47-174x131So we figured we would turn the GS airwaves over to our good friends over at filmsploitation. Be warned these fellas don’t hold back both in opinions and language.

Over to you fellas!

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Episode #46:  In this (was meant to be shorter) episode Phil falls out with Andrew & Drew about Stoker, about IPads, about Trains and about chavs.  Beware lots of cuss words ensue!

Phil also goes off on one about Cabin fever.  Which is a shame as Andrew was actually talking about Cabin In The Woods.

We also talk about Kurt Russell in Fast 7, about the casting of mummy porn 50 Shades of Grey, about Affleck in Batman and even get time to talk about Michael Bay’s latest film Pain & Gain. A whole lot of pain for very little gain.

All this and more…
With your regular hosts Phil Hobden, Andrew MacKay and Drew Cullingham

WARNING – Always with VERY strong language, strong opinions and the occasional spoiler.

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