Microsoft Announce Xbox 360 Slim

It’ll launch today in the US priced for $299, while the old Elite will stick around for $249 and the Arcade will drop to $149. The new box is crazy sexy in glossy black with touch-sensitive buttons, and Microsoft says it’s “whisper quiet.” On the features front, it’s got integrated 802.11n WiFi and 250GB of storage, and we’re told the hard drive is removable, although it’s not a standard drive or same drive as the old console. There’s also a “custom Kinect port” on the back that and it also seems like the power supply has moved inside the case

The UK and Europe will have to wait until July 16 for the new console and no European prices have been confirmed but it is expected to be the same price as the current Elite with both the Elite and Arcade models getting price cuts.

The new models contains:

* Gloss black finish with chrome accents.
* Touch sensitive buttons for on/off and eject.
* ‘Whisper’ quiet: 360’s usual twin fan has been replaced with one large fan for improved acoustics.
* 45 nanometer and integrated CPU and GPU
* Wi-Fi: Built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi
* Hard Drive: 250GB internal drive
* USB slots – Five USB slots; three in the back and two at the front
* Smaller and more efficient power supply. Not interchangeable with 360 Elite.

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