North East Geek Feast – Episode 8

After almost a year of the North East accents, squabbles and over-the-top jingles, the festivities end with North East Geek Feast episode 8…

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STARTER – Daniel and Lily introduce the last episode of North East Geek Feast and thank everyone that helped out with the podcast over the last year.

MAIN COURSE – The fan-favourite artist of Button Man and Judge Anderson, Arthur Ranson, grants North East Geek Feast the first audio interview of his career. Recorded in November to celebrate the successful ‘Let’s Get Mazeworld Back in Print’ Facebook campaign, Arthur chats openly about his work for Look-In, 2000AD and Marvel and DC.

Dessert – The ‘Ultimate Crisis of Comics’ with Martin Eden. With all the comics in the universe being wiped out of existence, Spandex and O Men creator, Martin, is given the opportunity to save 4 single comic book issues to treasure forever – and one issue he would make sure gets destroyed. What will he pick? Well, listen and find out…

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