Scrolls – Chapter 10: Game Changers

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Chaos ensues once again as the troublesome team try to uncover the books and authors that had a major role in creating our favourite genres or have since shaken things up, put a new spin on them and generally kept it all fresh.  It has been heavily edited, resulting in the sad loss of several interesting conversations about books and authors which were too off-topic or else deserving of far more time and analysis on a seperate podcast.  Despite that it’s a monster episode and there’s loads of silliness which did survive the edit because frankly we’d rather be funny than dull.

Miraculously maintaining our sky-high standards (despite the removal of one persons pants and the shaking of another cast-member’s member) we plunge back through time to glance at Gilgamesh and rampage right through to 2010 with all the clinically-precise organisation of the average student’s sock drawer – and many similarly unsavoury and cheesy elements.

The plugathon at the end makes reference to short story The Golden Egg which you can get to by clicking on this link here.

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