Scrolls Chapter 19: Recently Reading

 In which we focus in a little on the latest books that we’ve plucked from the top of our bookstacks.  In the absence of Mattie we are joined by ‘The Grampus’ a.k.a Matt Farr from Dissecting Worlds.

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He kicks things off with Adrian Tchaikovsky’s insect-themed fantasy, the Shadows of the Apt.  Clover follows this up with Juggernaut, an explosive zombie actioner by Adam Baker set in the Gulf conflict.  Next up, Phil tells us about Stacia Kane’s stylish and grungy urban fantasy, Unholy Ghosts.  Dion then waxes lyrical about Jenny Nimmo’s The Snow Spider, a beautiful children’s fantasy with a tragic heart.  Finally Matt gives us a flavour of the prolific but oft under-appreciated weird fiction writer Clark Ashton Smith.  All of this is of course spiced with our usual blend of good humor and pettiness.

Stay tuned also for Adam Baker’s first recorded interview on Juggernaut, after the main programme.

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