Scrolls – Episode 0 “We All Have To Start Somewhere”

 Welcome to the pilot episode of Scrolls, the podcast for literary geekdom.

The team first explores some of the influences that got us interested in fantasy, sci-fi and horror back in the day. We then roll an eye over the books we’ve been reading most recently, before beginning the first of our (soon to be legendary) discussions about the vast flood of literary adaptations out there. Finally we share some of the books we feel compelled to come back to again and again.

Amongst it all we wander between swearing monkeys, dead wasps and the joyously camp fifth ghostbuster. We ponder deep mysteries such as the genre placement of Muppet Treasure Island and just how easy it would be to get a can of coke in Mordor. We also discover which member of the cast cheated at Fighting Fantasy,which one rates The Very Hungry Caterpillar as a formative piece of genre fiction and who thinks there’s just something special about a pangolin.

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  1. Ken /

    Thanks very much for this. I have really enjoyed listening to this.

  2. You’re my new favourite person Ken. Glad you liked it. (And that means we’ve had at least one listener. Hooray!)

  3. Phlambler /

    For all those waiting for a new episode it is on its way. We’ve been hit with Gremlins on the IT front. Once resolved then the new episodes will be out there!


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