Dissecting Scrolls: The Prequel Chat

As we anticipate the release of the annual Scrolls/Dissecting Worlds drunken gameshow ramble (any day now…) I thought I’d give you all a sneaky peek behind the curtain.  After the cut you will see the typed conversation that was had on the Skype messaging service whilst everyone was getting ready for the episode.

It’s Explicit and silly from the start (much like the episode) much of the conversation overlaps as everybody tapped desperately away to get their comments in, and it waffles on for no purpose other than to entertain us – and just possibly you (much like all of our episodes really.)

Enjoy 😀

Dion:  I’m happy to record and edit this one.  Can we have a back up recording made please, just in case…
Dion:  Right, just gonna get set up properly so all booze and naughty food is within easy reach.  BRB.
Matty :  Hello pod bears
Dion:  Hi Mattie, Clover’s just putting Summer to bed at the mo.  Got a feeling we won’t see the others for at least 20 mins so time to practice your witch’s cackle still.
Kehaar:  I’m here but going to have a quick loosener so see you in about 20 mnutes…FUCK ME THAT IS ONE VILE IMAGE DION! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH I must feel into the comfort of a new, dark age…
Matty:  Aaaah heheeheheeh!
Kehaar:  Yeah see you in 20 – I am also happy to edit it but that’s just my paranoia at not trusting dion. So WTF I’ve got enough on.
Dion:  I will do nothing to make you look bad mate.  I’m sure you can manage that all by yourself 😀
Matty:  The cheek has started
Dion:  So has the beer…
Matt:  Heeeeeeere!
Kehaar:  I’m more worried about you cutting out my game as you don’t get it – I mean look at those shifty southern eyes….
Matty:  Yeah but look at his purdy maouth
Kehaar:  Mental iamges I did not want – Dion giving Matty a blowy under duress
Kehaar:  & they’re off
Matty:  Oh! i didnt think of that!
Dion:  You know everyone can see this conversation, right guys?
Kehaar:  Yes
Matty:  I think i need the loo
Matt:  Screenshotted!
Kehaar:  Oh me terrible spelling!
Kehaar:  I think you’ve got time for a quick wank Matty
Dion:  Well if he’s having one…
Kehaar:  I’m undergoing endorphin withdrawl SNARL!
Matty:  Diiirty boys
Matty:  Run out of biscuits?
Kehaar:  Had a cold (looks evilly at Dion) and therefore not ran  for 6 DAYS!
Dion:  Right folks – Summer is being a little sod tonight, despite our best efforts and had now decided to go for a poo.  Going to need to hang on until she’s properly down or we’ll have interruption after interruption.  Sorry…
Kehaar:  Come ‘ed Phil
Kehaar:  No worries – better a poo in the loo than one in the bed
Dion:  She knows we’re up to something tonight so she’s curious.  Plus she’s all excited with the new bed today and xmas decorations plus TinTin tomorrow etc.
Kehaar:  Do we have a running order?
Kehaar:  She will be giddy then
Dion:  That would be organisation.  Suggest yours last so I can get drunk enough.
Kehaar:  Yes I think mine works best with the most ale – I suggest just a minute first as that require diction
Kehaar:  Matty I said Diction
Dion:  Heh heh, he said penis
Kehaar:  Your a penis
Kehaar:  So you’re – shocking
Dion:  You mean You’re a penis
Kehaar:  Beat yah
Dion:  What after Just a min?
Kehaar:  No in fact I was just wishing you your happyness I mispronounced
Kehaar:  Either Balloons or WHATEVER PHIL IS DOING
Dion:  What is Phil doing?
Phil:  I am here and will be doing Geek Who?
Kehaar:  At the moment he was typing
Kehaar:  But now he has finished
Matt:  Who?
Kehaar:  Phil have you read any Clark Ashton Smith ?
Phil:  Fraid not – saw your earlier Twitter post.
Matty:  Twitter slags
Phil:  Matt F – like Guess Who?
Dion:  Mattie – get on Twitter, ya shitter
Phil:  Kehaar – was that the less catchy slogan that Nike didn’t run with
Dion:  Yes
Kehaar:  Phil and Farr – 2nd or 3rd?
Phil:  Easy either way
Matt:  2nd
Dion:  Phil nest, then Matt, then you
Dion:  bum
Matt:  Then i can get drunk & shouty in peace
Kehaar:  Nest? And no I will not bum you
Dion:  Just thionking more alcohol equals better acting – we are putting on voices, right?
Phil:  DWP – you look uber-scary
Dion:  *thinking
Kehaar:  Wait and see…..
Matty:  I am my pretties
Dion:  Thank you
Matt:  But either is good
Dion:  Intro or no intro?
Kehaar:  Impro a mock christmas meeting?
Kehaar:  Or would that just be me and Matt F hamming it up awfully?
Dion:  Gotta go – Summer being a pain
Kehaar:  K
Phil:  Do people like the phrase – ‘The bastard love child of Dissecting Worlds and Scrolls?’ to go into the intro?
Kehaar:  Can it be bastard hate child?
Phil:  🙂
Matt:  Love?
Kehaar:  or incesteous rivalry love child?
Kehaar:  incesteous rivalry hate child?
Phil:  Or the result of a sweaty fumble on the back seat of a morris minor
Kehaar:  I’m thinking more freak toilet seat accident
Phil:  And fumbles don’t get sweatier than when Dion is involved
Matty:  or furrier
Kehaar:  I bet he takes a list in with him…
Phil:  Too true Matty – Dbear (hug)
Matty:  ha
Phil:  [Picture Of A Squirrel Doing Something… Odd]
Kehaar:   ???
Kehaar:  The boy Farr’s being quiet….too quiet.
Phil:  Just saw it and thought it looked like it would give Dbear fellacio
Matty:  Fellachew
Matt:  I am awe of the squirrels
Matty:  The squirrels?
Matty:  A band?
Kehaar:  Ach the best laid plans of mice and men, let’s get pissed and single Kurt Weil songs like we’re a penal unit on the Russian front
Matty:  Ah, I thought merry cockmunching rodents
Kehaar:  I’m not sure Brecht and Weil did that one – but cosnidering some of the Berlin Cabret scene lyrics it wouldn’t go amiss.
Matt:  Wait, brecht did a song about felatio granting squirrels?
Phil:  Who hasn’t?
Matty:  Maybe shakespeare?
Kehaar:  ZZ Tops was about cock munching rabbits – easy mistake
Matty:  The merry wives of felatting wodents
Phil:  True – Shakespeare was more partial to weasels
Phil:  And ferrets
Matty:  Weasels are cool
Matty:  Yeah I hate them
Dion:  I’m so posting this conversation as the blurb for the episode…
Matt:  They can give you good quotes on protistuses at “compare the MeerHooker.com” tho
Matty:  Fucking toothy stripey standing up RATS
Phil:  We’d better say something outrageous then!
Kehaar:  *SIMPLES* (Seagull comes on and head buts Meercat) ‘Simple enought for yah!’
Clover:  You see what happens without my civilising influence?
Dion:  aaaaaaaaaaand STOP
Phil:  Dion started it Clover!!!


Watch out for the Dissecting Scrolls Christmas Crossover – coming to Geek Syndicate – SOON…

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