Dissecting Scrolls: X-mas X-Over Pt1

The wait is over.  The time is now.

The Teen-Titans of the Geek Syndicate Network have come together in a bumper sized two-part special of podcasty goodness.  Celebrating the Christmas holiday in traditional fashion the Troublesome Twosome from Dissecting Worlds and the Questionable Quartet from Scrolls cast off all pretense of being rational people, get drunk and play stupid party games.  A little too much is revealed about some, more questions are raised about others and at least one fabulous song is brutally murdered before your horrified ears.

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Skits, Christmas messages, insults from a famous guest-host and limericks from an actual fan round off the VERY BESTChristmas Crossover special on the GSN that we have ever made, EVER (or your money back).

Apologies in advance to the makers of Just A Minute, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Mornington Crescent for the outrages we have committed in Part 1 – I’ll let Kehaar do the grovelling for Part 2.

Here are some made up quotes from some real people –

‘All my christmas wishes just came true.  I particularly liked Saruman’s letter to Santa.’  (C. Lee)

‘Imagine taking something you really like and, and adding something else you really like to it, and mixing them up all together and then WHOP! dollopping them out onto two plates.  Well that’s like this innit.  But in your ears.’  (J. Oliver)

‘It’s like, the best idea ever dude.’  (K. Reeves)

‘Laugh?  I nearly shat!’  (W. Shatner)

‘It’s the worst idea in history.’  (S. Schama)

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