Scrolls Book Group: A Song Of Ice And Fire

In which we try to harness George RR Martin’s vast, fiery beast as it spawls triumphantly across the gems of modern Fantasy. From the very first book, A Game Of Thrones, this series has proven to be one of those compulsive reads that ignite the passions of a whole generation of readers, reaching far beyond the traditional boundaries of genre preference.

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Joining us for the podcast are returning special guests Matt – The Grampus from Dissecting Worlds, and Carey – she of the Two-Monkeys from Geektress.

We tackle the books one by one and focus on a particular theme for each. There are Major plot spoilers throughout and we do skip back and forth between books on occasion, so we strongly recommend that you only listen to this episode once you have finished reading Book 5: A Dance With Dragons.

Warning: contains gratuitous boobies.


Amongst the many items up for discussion are: Whose fault is it anyway, Why should you never bring your mum to work, Feuds and the Feudal system, Alternative weapons of war, Cers Ei Coyote, What’s eating Red R’hllor, and The ignominous fate of bastards.

In order to do the series justice we’ve recorded a far longer episode than usual – but never fear! For those of you who prefer your podcasts in bite-sized chunks we have divided the episode up into approximately half-hour segments with a musical cue from the stunning HBO television series to seperate them.

The start times and themes for each section are as follows:-

2m 41s – A Game Of Thrones: Secrets
32m 57s – A Clash Of Kings: War
59m 14s – A Storm Of Swords: Betrayal
1h 28m 30s – A Feast For Crows: Religion and Magic
1h 53m 10s – A Dance With Dragons: Use of Power

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Links mentioned in the show include the foody site for Westerosi dishes, and the article from Tiger Beatdown about how creepy George RR Martin is.

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  1. Denise4925 /

    Just want to say, with regard to comments about A Storm of Swords and the Freys wanting to be part of the Starks. First, the Freys always wanted to be part of the Tulleys. Catelyn wasn’t promised to marry one of the Freys, but old man Walder Frey wanted one of the girls to marry one of his sons and Hoster Tulley ignored him and his requests. He married Catelyn’s sister, Lysa to Aaron (the Hand) of Robert and Catelyn was supposed to marry Ned’s brother, but HE got killed, not Catelyn’s sister, so Catelyn married Ned. Walder Frey was pissed at the Tulley’s for various slights by Hoster Tulley (Catelyn’s father). He always felt they thought they were too good for him and his family. So, when the King of the North (Rob) slighted him with going against their promise for him to marry one of the Frey girls, that was the last straw.

    Just wanted to clear that up.

  2. Wowsers, thanks for your post Denise, and thanks for clearing that up for us. To be candid it has been a few years since Clover & I have read that particular book (can’t speak for the other hosts, as I don’t know.)
    It certainly is an intricate world that Martin has created and a complex backdrop of interpersonal relationships.
    I hope our error here didn’t otherwise spoil your enjoyment of the episode. We all love the books (and the show) and just wanted to share that love with all you folks.

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