Scrolls Book Group: The Prestige

With a flash of light and a cloud of smoke the Scrolls Book Group reappears on stage to entertain and amaze you.  (Or at the very least distract you from the smelly tramp in the corner, the squalling kid in the back and that really creepy looking guy on the seat opposite – No, don’t look!)

Ably assisted by Kehaar from Dissecting Worlds and guest contributer Gazbox in their skin-tight golden bikinis, we take a focussed look at Chistopher Priest’s most celebrated work,The Prestige.  You may have watched Christopher Nolan’s film adaptation and think you’ve seen this trick before but trust us, there’s a whole lot more going on in the wings.

There are spoilers throughout – we couldn’t really avoid them – but have we really revealed the authors secrets… or has he left us bamboozled and looking in the wrong direction?

Read the book, listen in to our thoughts, then let us know what you think.  E-mail [email protected] or tweet @scrollscast

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Iphone app Extra: The first two chapters of The Sentinel Mage, the beginning of Emily Gee’s new fantasy book trilogy, released in shops on the 25th of January in the US and Canada, and on the 3rd of February in the UK.

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