Scrolls Book Group – Episode 1

Sometimes a book comes along that you really want to explore and talk to other people about.  It’s not enough to just read it and recommend it, you want to rave about it or throw your ideas around because its blown your mind – but you don’t always have people around you can do this with.

Well now you do, because we’re inviting you to join us in a fully interactive podcast. Crazy talk?  Oh no, my friend.  We’re looking to put you centre-stage with the Scrolls team to discuss a book of your choosing via the magic of Skype.

This pilot episode has been put together to give you a flavour of how the episodes might go and the level of detail we can get into.  In it
we discuss Shirley Jackson’s masterful tale of claustrophobia and lunacy in the confines of a happy family home – We Have Always Lived In The Castle.  Neither horror, fantasy or sci-fi it still feels like our kind of book and is an absolutely fascinating read.

There are spoilers throughout, so be warned.

The missing element is you.

If you have a nomination for a genre book that you want to discuss with the Scrolls team, please contact us via e-mail at [email protected] or send me a tweet @Dion_Scrolls.

We will pick one out of the hat and make arrangements to record the episode with you at the next available opportunity.  Get enough applicants and positive feedback and we may well make this a full time podcast.  Until then we’ll have it as an occasional Scrolls Special.  It’s in your hands people.

Direct Download: Scrolls Book Group – Episode 1

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