Scrolls Chapter 11: Bad Ol’ Baddies

In which the most abominable, darkest, nastiest, blackest, vilest, most repellant, disgusting and disgraceful podcasters return to chat about baddies.  Duh!

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Technically we take a shifty at what makes for a good villain and how they’ve changed through the years, then we run amok trying to pin down all the different types and sub-types.
In reality of course, we ramble off topic, fudge our lines and make things about as difficult for an editor as you can hope to imagine.  It was all them, yer honour.  Honest…

Out of pure spite I’ve left a c-bomb in so you can all hear what a filthy brute Mattie is in real life.  For shame!

I could list out all the books and occasional films mentioned so you know what you’re getting into, but where would be the fun in that?  Discover what weird and random directions our twisted talk takes us by downloading this episode and injecting us… into your brains!

You can send your outraged tweets to us @Scrollscast or @Dion_Scrolls
Alternatively you can send your splenetic e-mails to us at [email protected]
or… simply assault us physically at the SFX Weekender on the first weekend of February.
If your rage is aimed solely at me (Dion) I can also be punched at the Cardiff International Comics Expo on 26th Feb.

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