Scrolls Chapter 14: How To Be A Hero

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In which the team try valiantly to determine what makes for a great hero, how the nature of heroism has changed over time and what makes a Hero attractive to read about –
in theory.  And I did say ‘try.’

It’s a big subject (as usual) and we cover quite a bit of ground, but we still manage to wander off topic, insert a certain vegetable repeatedly and pin down the essential pork-pie-ness of Arathorn’s boy.  Have a listen then let us know what you think on the Geek Syndicate Facebook Page e-mail us at [email protected] or tweet @scrollscast.

Forgot to mention this in the podcast, but the David Gemmell Legend Awards for Fantasy are currently running.  They’re down to a short list and you could help swing things.  Be sure to go along and cast your vote.

Mr. TheCruel’s mosaic-novel-in-progress can be found here if you fancy read along or getting involved.

Finally, if anyone interested in hearing how Clover and Dion did on their international debut you can hear the results on Geektress Episode 120 (and I can heartily recommend their website for its quirky humour.)

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