Scrolls Chapter 15: Gods ‘n’ Sods

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In which we step tentatively into the ethereal realm to mull over the function of religion in fictional worlds and how it can mirror our own. Along the way we poke a few holes in the fabric of reality, prod a few demons and deities with sticks to see what thet’re made of, make wild and ill-conceived generalisations about how religions begin and, well, generally invite the wrath of the most powerful beings in the universe.

Actually, thinking about it we’ve already had their wrath reteroactively. Clover is missing for the first bit due to unholy technical difficulties, but there’s plenty of waffle(s) to go around. Join us as we hit upon Holy social networking, the most popular reason for time-travel, artistic baby recycling, the function of flab in prehistoric man, alternative uses for disabled toilets and Much, Much more…

(No Gods were harmed in the making of this podcast.)

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