Scrolls Chapter 16: LOVE, Love, love

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In which our star crossed crew set sail to explore the mmm-agical… mmm-ysterious… and mmm-agnificent [Barry White – Hit It!] ‘world of LO-o-O-O-o-O-o-O-O-o-O-O-o-OVE.’
[Oh, yeah – now put it in the background… just like that, baby… OOH!…  Yeah…]

This episode we talk a bit about torrid and horrid teen fiction, from Twilight to – well, we don’t get much further on that part to be honest.  Mattie is obsessed.
Stepping away from the soppy stuff we touch on themes of profound friendship, burning passion and doomed love before finally getting down and dirty (and giggling a lot) with a big talk about sex.  [Oh yeah, baby]

Along the way we also find ourselves discussing inter-genre snobbery, unusual sexual positions, beetle licking and cinema snack-food.

Near the start we mention a new podcast called Filmsploitation, run by a good friend of ours, Mr Phil Hobden.  I heartily recommend you check them out.

Beware: Contains euphamisms and really scary mental images.  This podcast could scar you.  For life.

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