Small Press Big Mouth – Episode 1

Ladies and Gents a round of applause if you will for the latest addition to the Geek Syndicate Network of Podcast, Small Press Big Mouth.

This is episode one of Small Press Big Mouth hosted by Stace W and the lovely Lee Grice what is a Brummie like innit and does not talk proper like me like whey aye man.

In this episode we talk about all things Small Press including the webcomics of Faith Erin Hicks and Ben Clark. We review Cancertown and Zombies Calling.  And I recommend a couple of small press comics namely Zarjaz and Prick.

Presented in geordibrumophonics for 34 minutes of auditory pleasure.

Direct Download: Episode 1

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  1. If the player says “file not found”, go for the Direct Download. Worked for me 😀

  2. Thanks for the awesome review of cancertown.

    The off-angles are definitely intentional 😀

    • stacey /

      Hi Stephen, I thought they probably were, it works so well tis great stuff! 🙂 Also – must remember “off-angles” not wonky like man!

      • ‘Wonky’ is fine 😀 I just couldn’t remember exactly what you said and called them ‘off-angles’, I dont think its a technical term 😀

  3. Great podcast, guys! Thanks for the kind words about “Crimea River” in Zarjaz #7!

    Looking forward to the next one!

    — Mike

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