Small Press Big Mouth – Episode 30

Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to Episode 30 of Small Press Big Mouth, we have a plethora of news and reviews for you as always. Stace reviews all the L’s – Luchadoras, London’s Calling and The Lovecraft Anthology vol 1 and Lee tells us all about Accent UK’s Wolfman, Moon by Beyond the Bunker and he get’s cute with Gronk. Not to be confused with The Gronk – oh his poor heartses!

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  1. Stephen Walsh /

    Hello, Stace and Lee!

    Cheers for the grand review of “London Calling”. I’m delighted you enjoyed it so much, and of course I agree wholeheartedly with your high estimation of Keith’s wonderful, wonderful artwork. I’ve recently written- and Keith is currently finishing the art on- a full-colour 60-page story about the lads in the V-Squad. I’ve seen 48 pages so far and I couldn’t be happier. And in response to Stace’s “It’s brilliant…I want another one!” comment, rest assured that I’m halfway through the script for the next “London Calling” adventure, entitled “Squadron of the Screaming Damned”. Cheerio for now!


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