The Next Level – Episode 55

We are back after a little summer break and in this episode Barry and Amaechi take helm as Ant is left slaving away on the Geek Syndicate magazine. Barry wonders how the one of the most hyped and anticipated games of the year – GTA 5 crept up on him while Amaechi gets excited that he’s saved enough loose change to buy Watch Dogs.

In the news

  • Sony announce a new slimmer PS Vita and the PS Vita TV micro-console
  • Nintendo announce the 2DS handheld
  • Inifinity Blade announced alongside the iPhone 5s – mobile games go from strength to strength
  • The Golden Joystick nominations announced
  • The growth of streaming media including Blinkbox,Lovefilm,NowTV,Netflix etc


In our feature we look forward to the biggest Eurogamer Expo to date with both the PS4 and Xbox One playable at the show.
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