The Next Level – Episode 63

Welcome to another episode of The Next Level with latest news, reviews and features from the world of video games. This month Amaechi gets his hands on a Wii in an attempt to tick of his gaming bucket list of never having played a Mario or Zelda game, while Ant swaps his games controller for the lawnmower and mask.

In the news

  • Microsoft announce an Xbox One bundle without a Kinect.
  • Games for Gold comes to the Xbox One and you no longer need a Gold subscription to watch Netflix
  • Sony and Ubisoft lost money
  • Far Cry 4 gets announced
  • Mass Effect and Halo Master Chief collections rumoured
  • Sky Go and Sky Now coming to PS3 ad PS4
  • Dragon Age Inquisition mega Special Edition coming to Games Stop
  • Call of Duty Advanced Warfare announce with trailer
  • Star Wars Battlefront coming to E3


In this month feature section we look ahead to what we want expect and want to see announced at E3.

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