Timelore Addendum – Episode 2

Welcome back to Timelore addendum the podcast that seeks to expore the Bg Finish adventures centered around the tv episodes being reviewed in the main timelore episodes.

In this episode David and Ant review Quinnis (the adventure set immeadiately before the 1st ever Dr Who eisode on TV). We also review Here there be Monsters both of these stories read by Carole Ann Ford.

The 2nd half of the episode is an interview with Tony Lee, author of the peter Davidson Big Finish adventure – ‘The Rat Trap‘ and author of IDW publishings ongoing Dr Who comic.

Tony talks to us about writing Dr Who in 2 mediums, explores how much fandom you can let lek into your writing, explains IDW’s relationship to the BBC and gives lots of advice for freelance writers.

Check out Tony’s website here – Tony Lee

You can buy Rat Trap – here on the Big Finish website or listen directly to the trailer here

You can also check out Tony’s Dr who comics on the IDW website

Enjoy and join us for the next episode of Timelore where we review the 2nd half of season 2, which includes the adventures – The Crusade, The space Museum, The chase and The Time Meddler

Direct download: Timelore addendum episode 2

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