Timelore Episode 1


And as you bask in the afterglow of the Dr Who Christmas special allow me to welcome you to the first episode of TimeLore, the newest addtion to the Geek  Syndicate Network.

TimeLore is a season by season review of Dr Who from the very beginning.

Your hosts are myself, David Monteith, Richard Hutchinson and Alexis Jayne Defoe

Richard and myself have been steeped in Dr Who for as long as we can remember whereas Alexis has never seen a single episode of old school Dr Who.  She has foolishly agreed to join us for this ride and wether her sanity will remain intact is a question that we are all keen to see answered.

William Hartnell as the First Doctor

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In this episode we talk about William Hartnell, discuss wether Ian & Barbara fill the roll of classic heroes and review the following episodes:-

The Unearthly Child inc. the unaired pilot

The Daleks

The Edge of  Destruction

Marco Polo

So join us for our first episode and when your done listening send us some feedback and your opinons to [email protected]

You can also follow us on twitter at twitter.com/timelore

TimeLore is a monthly podcast so we will see you next month for the 2nd half of the very first season of Dr Who

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  1. Gotta say, I really enjoyed that episode. Definitely worth the 2 year wait that some of us have had before Time Lore became reality.

    The round-table format works really well and it’s good to hear some non-nostalgic views. I think it’s important to remember the era it was produced in. TV was very much filmed “as live” and then forgotten about – which is where a lot of “continuity errors” come in. You can tell when an actor has a holiday booked as they don’t appear for a week or two – Keys of Marinus is brilliant for this… the Doctor goes “you all go that way, I’ll go this way and we’ll all meet up later” then promptly is out of the picture for a fortnight.

    Of the four stories you reviewed, I have a fondness for “Edge of Destruction” purely because it shows sleeping quarters etc in the TARDIS. I agree that the ship should mainly be a device for getting to / from the action but I love to explore it too. I remember a comic strip in the late 80s which had some UNIT guys exploring outside, hunting a monster on Earth then all of a sudden they were inside the TARDIS running into Ace and the Doctor who were being chased by same monster. The art sort of changed from regular corridor to TARDIS corridor really organically. Stunning.

    In the McCoy era (25 and 26 specifically) they practically got rid of the TARDIS interior which worked quite nicely.

    And of course, being as I’m trying to compile a book on them, The Daleks has many merits. Especially being as much of it was written over a weekend as a last minute job acceptance! But it is far too long…

  2. I finally listened after being fearful of hearing my own voice. I actually really enjoyed it and it made me laugh out loud – which is weird seeing as I’ve heard it all before obviously. Can’t wait to record the next one. Well done Dave! (and Richard).

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