Amazing Spider-man Issue 655 Review

Continuing on from before the previous point one issue, Amazing Spider-man issue 655 returns to Peter Parker and the aftermath of the Spider Slayer and Scorpion attack. The issue follows the funeral of Jonah Jameson’s wife Marla before Peter enters a nightmarish dream state.

Slott wisely knows how to exploit the ability of his artist Marcos Martin here. He allows Martin’s art speak for itself by providing no dialogue of any kind for nine pages. It works and compliments the story to perfection. The almost silence feel to the beginning of this book gives the reader the feeling that they are at a dark moment in life such as a funeral can be.

Further the almost synchronized way the nine pages begin and end builds the right kind of tension and guilt that Peter Parker is feeling for not being able to save Marla. The issue starts with seeing the clock and Jonah awaking, preparing for the worst day of his life. Whereas the end of the nine pages again shows the clock and Peter preparing himself to go to bed. Here Martin manages to show that both characters hold two things in common: their guilt and that they think that Spider-man is to blame.

The second act of the book is a triumph again, almost changing the style completely. Here we fall into Peter Parker’s dream state. Martin again has drawn the panels deliberately in a way that feels like a trippy, out of body experience. Slott’s words build upon the work done by Martin. Parker’s dream illustrates the guilt he is feeling as it shows all the mistakes he feels he has made as Spider-man, questioning whether what he has done is right or wrong. The final four pages unleash an unexpected twist that will bring you back for more next time.

Amazing Spider-man issue 655 is another great showing by the Big Time creative team. A must read.

Luke Halsall

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