Amazing Spider-man Issue 656 Review

Amazing Spider-man issue 656 follows straight in to the attack by new villain Massacre. He has hostages in a bank and is threatening to blow them up. With Spidey lacking his spider sense can he still succeed in saving all the lives that are in danger? Whilst Mayor Jameson is still suffering from the loss of his wife, he decides to make a drastic change on the way in which villains are treated in New York city.

As a creative team, Slott and Martin keep getting better and better. The continuing changes shown in Jonah and Peter are brilliant, playing off each other. They are the ying and yang: both characters are darker then before (for example Spidey is no longer quipping) and they both feel the loss of innocent life is unacceptable. With both characters taking differing actions, it will be interesting to see how this will effect further stories. Slott and Martin have done what few creative teams have had the courage to do: allow their characters to evolve and therefore they are continually fleshing them out, making them feel more real then ever before.

Yet there is one major flaw with this book and it is Spider-man’s new costume. It is something that I have always found strange: why does it seem that Marvel are desperate to try to change a costume that works and looks amazing (no pun intended)? I cannot fathom why they do it and again the new armour just makes you long for Peter to return to the red and blue.

Amazing Spider-man issue 656 has managed to keep the momentum up that the previous issues had built. All credit must go to this creative team who have managed to resurrect a sinking ship back into possibly Marvel’s most entertaining book. A must read.

Luke Halsall

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