Amazing Spider-man Issue 658 Review

It is official: Spider-man is now a part of The FF (The Future Foundation). This issue follows Spidey as he goes on his first mission with The FF. The title is fun enough with brilliant art from. Yet there seems to be something a miss. It worries me that the character is getting spread across so many things at a time when Amazing Spider-man the book has finally started to recover from the disastrous One More Day. A year ago, I would have said this was a good return to form for the webslinger. But alas, Slott and co are doing such a good job in the Big Time story arc that anything like this seems to detract from the main plot.

Amazing Spider-man is clearly being used by Marvel as a jumping on point for many new titles such as Venom and The FF. With the book being in such a fragile state of recover, I do not think that this is such a good idea. Nevertheless, the story is enjoyable and interesting. There are some brilliantly scripted moments about Spidey’s new suit and his interactions with Mr Fantastic that shows you the kind of chemistry that you are bound to see in The FF.

To me however, Spidey just does not seem to fit in The FF and therefore again I would have rather seen his own stray continue. There is a reason why he has never been apart of the team before. It is disappointing: with such high hopes after the final issue that the team would work well, there just does not seem to be something right that I cannot out my finger on.

All in all, the issue is entertaining enough. However Marvel must realise that they need to stop taking liberties with everybody’s favourite webslinger. Big Time has made it the must read Marvel book but with issues like this, detracting from the plot, I fear it could put off more people then interest them in yet another book. One for fans of The FF and people who are intrigued to see how the new team will work.

Luke Halsall

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