Apps you can’t live without part 2 – Marvel Comics

Addicted to you iPad? Can’t do without your iPhone or iPod Touch?…. I know that feeling. Wether it’s catching up with friends or checking out the latest films, I love it all.
Over the next few blogs I will be delving into the app store and bringing you a list of apps you just can live with out.

The next app I picked may not to be to everyone’s taste, but I think that it a brilliant tech take on an all time classic form of entertainment….

Ladies and Gents I give you the Marvel Comics app.

Title – Marvel Comics
Developer – Marvel Entertainment
Platform – iPhone & iPad
Price – Free (comes with a selection of free comics and other can be purchased directly from the app from the Marvel store)

The first thing I noticed about this free app is that it looks near on identical to the iBooks store, following all of the same design features and layouts. I suppose this is only a good thing as this makes it stupidly easy to navigate and view items, all though I was expecting more Marvel branding and madness, and was slightly disappointed.

At least I knew that the content would be spot on, as always with Marvel.

To start off with you get a selection of seven free comics to add to your library. These consist of two Spiderman editions, two Captain America, and then one each from Thor, Ultimate X-Men and Nextwave, not bad for free hey?

Of course being a fan of Marvel I went straight to a good old faithful, a 1963 edit of Spiderman simple titled “you’re hired”.

When reading the comic you have a few viewing options. This ranges from a standard full-page landscape view to a zoomed in view that focuses on one frame at a time.
This, is in my opinion, the best way to experience the colourful and brilliantly drawn stories, because with a simple tap you can move from frame to frame. This also helps you focus bit by bit rather than having to look at the whole page.

Other features include being able to subscribe to each comic and being notified of new releases, as well as managing your disk space, how you receive your notifications and of course the option to purchase thousands of amazing comics.

Right then… Now on to the best bits…

With most apps you are restricted with content, or you have to buy extra issues……..

Oooohhhhh not with Marvel!

At this current moment in time my free comics total twelve….Yes twelve, and there are plenty more where that came from. Updates come nice and regularly and there are always a fantastic variety from the likes of the X Men, Captain America, Spiderman, Thor and many more. Also you can download Sneak Peeks which give you a look into some of the big releases coming out over the next month.

Another fantastic feature for all you die-hard comic fans, is the option to buy a hard copy of the story, which is a wicked little touch to keep the old school fans happy.

Tie this in with fantastic stories, brilliant art and the usability of the iPad or iPhone and you are seriously on to a winner!

You can get the app by clicking this link!!!!

and check it out on the Marvel site…


This is one app that will keep you updating and checking, just to see if there are more comics to get stuck in to. Good work Marvel!

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GS Reporter: DJMDawson

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