AUDIO REVIEW: Baker’s End – Tatty Bogle

Tom Baker died and became the self-proclaimed King of Cats.

It is now raining blood, Tom is building a tower in the garden and the cabbage patch is actually full of goblins in disguise.

Welcome to Bafflegab Productions last episode of the Baker’s End trilogy as events begin to take a much darker turn in the village of Happenstance.

Penned by Paul Magrs, author of various Doctor Who audio dramas and creator of Iris Wildthyme and The Brenda and Effie Mysteries, Baker’s End has been a surreal delight and it all culminates in the strongest episode in the series thus far.

As the summer ends, Happenstance is getting ready to celebrate the grotesque folk festival of “Tatty Bogle” and hideous looking scarecrows are appearing all over the place. The festival is an annual event but once every thirteen years these ancient rituals take a much more sinister turn.

Everyone in the village is in the grip of a madness which can only be stopped with the act of human sacrifice and Tom’s old TV co-star Suzy Goshawk (played by Katy Manning of Doctor Who fame) returns to visit just as things begin to get much worse.

Tatty Bogle is much darker in tone than the previous two installments of Baker’s End and it is a chance for Paul Magrs to exercise his horror muscles, and indeed there are a few moments that are genuinely disturbing.

One of these concerns Tom’s shifty housekeeper Mrs Frimbley (Susan Jameson) who takes more of a central role in this story, culminating in a truly horrifying scene in which Susy discovers a dark secret she is keeping in the fields surrounding Happenstance. It is a moment that truly stands out and is an excellent example of how to balance humour with horror.

As with the previous two installments, The King of Cats and Gobbleknoll Hall, I cannot get into too many details about the story as there are many surprises and twists. If you have been listening to the series from the beginning, it all pays off into a rather satisfying cliffhanger.

Baker’s End has been a wonderfully bonkers and mad showcase for the unchained Tom Baker and it is obvious from his performance he has had a tremendous amount of fun being a part of it. The terrific cliffhanger demands that this series be continued and I certainly hope it is.

Baker’s End is a series I do hope you go out there and discover for yourselves, as it is highly entertaining and really something special.

Title: Baker’s End – Tatty Bogle

Publisher: Bafflegab Productions

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: Matt Davis  @DecadentGent

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