AUTUMN OF INDIE: Web Series Review – Sweet Fever

Sweet Fever is an independent web series about a candy store owner of the same name.

Fever owns a failing candy store and in order to keep the doors open and the lights on, Fever must come up with some cold hard cash, fast. In a moment of desperation, she hatches a plan to join the Pillow Fight Federation in order to capture the grand prize of $25 000!

Sweet Fever is co-Produced in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by director, Mark Zanin and Screenwriter, Oliver Brackenbury. While they are not the only crew members hidden behind the camera, the team responsible for Sweet Fever is pretty small, making this project independent to the core. And what would a web series be without actors? Sweet Fever also stars Imogen Grace as the title character, along side George Gray and  Tiffany Claire Martin who play her [more or less supportive] friends Chet and Sam.

The good news about the show is that you can watch the first five episodes of the series on this website: The bad news is there are ONLY five episodes …when there should be six.  While exploring the show’s website it was discovered that money ran out right before they could shoot the sixth and final episode of Season 1 AND they are accepting donations to put towards Season One’s completion. You can follow this link: to donate what ever you can. With your help, maybe Sweet Fever will complete her journey to the Pillow Fight Federation Arena. After all, her candy store (and friendships) depend on it!

You can watch the Sweet Fever Teaser Trailer here:

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