Batman: Beyond #2 Review (Spoilers)

Batman: Beyond #2 Cover

I bought this Comic on the ComiXology iPhone App, just like I did with the first one. I have no problem paying £1.79 for a digital version of a comic and reading it on my phone. The screen has a high enough resolution, so nothing is lost in the artwork and the transitions and reading experience are great.

Issue two of this series, written by Adam Beechen and drawn by Ryan Benjamin, continues the storyline ‘Rough Justice’ where a pissed-off scientist steals some Mentachem (Alien tech which gives the user unimaginable power), and crashes into Neo-Gotham with the Justice League Unlimited hot on his tail. The Scientist, Jatts, takes control of a mall, where Terry’s (Batman) brother and Mum are shopping. The Justice League’s tactics are to go storming in, not taking into consideration the potential loss of life. However, Batman opposes this and they engage in a fight. Bruce helps Terry systematically take down The League, until he gets to Aqua Girl (who I am assuming he has a ‘thing’ for) and can’t bring himself to attack her. Terry surrenders, much to Bruce’s dislike, and teams up with the League. The issue ends with The League, inc. Batman, inside the Mall face-to-face with Jatts.

All-round, I thought this issue was fantastic. The story is compelling, and there is the right amount of humor intertwined with action. The pacing is great. Bruce and Terry’s conversations are perfectly done, and it’s good too se that Bruce is still the man with a plan, even in his old age. The timing during the big fight sequence is amazing, the high point of the issue! Bruce knows exactly what The League will do and when, and Terry knows exactly how to react. This fight sequence is the best I have read in a Comic for a long while.

Also, I love Benjamin’s art; he really captures the futuristic style of setting and clothing, while retaining realism. There is never too much going on a page, and the varied perspective works a treat. The colors really pop, especially on the iPhone 4s Retina Display, everything is vibrant, which speaks for the futuristic Gotham setting.

However, there were a couple of things that annoyed me. Like, Bruce’s excitement and enjoyment of watching Terry beat up the Justice League. He fought along side these heroes, and is now reveling in their defeat. Also, the ease in which Terry defeated them, it was almost as if they let him win. Finally, I am not a fan of convenience in Storytelling, and there is a classic example of it here. As soon as Batman has surrendered to The Justice League, a policeman comes running up and tells them exactly what they are dealing with inside the Mall, and the dialogue he uses seems a little off to me. This isn’t a major gripe, but one that annoyed me.

All in all, this Comic is great. I recommend you buy the first two issues, either digitally or in print (I guess that comes down to personal preference) and definitely come back for the third and final installment to the story arc. This issue gets a well-deserved 9 out of 10. Bravo.

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