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So it’s back, from a pilot they didn’t want, BBC3 are launching season 2 of Being Human on the 10th of January.  Lucky me got to see the first episode and got a chance to sit down with Lenora (Annie), Sinead (Nina) and Russell (George).

At the end of last season, George had killed the vampire leader Herrick, Nina had witnessed George change into a werewolf and revealed to us some ominous looking scratches and Annie seemed to have developed some equally ominous ghost like powers.  At the beginning of this episode we see that Nina has moved in with the housemates, but all is not harmony between George and Nina.  Geroge himself seems to have developed an almost dangerous new confidence after killing Herrick, whilst Mitchells isolation increases as he tries to discover purpose now that Herrick is out of the way.  Annie’s response to her new found abilities is nothing short of hilarious.

So once again, writer Toby Whithouse shows he can manage the complex interactions of disparate characters with aplomb, but what about the bigger plot, now that the Herricks big plot lies in tatters.  Fear not, as far as I can see things are about to take a turn for the even darker.  Naturally, when you take out a leader there is a power vacuum, so the consequences of the housemates actions are definetly coming home to roost.  That on it’s own however would just be a wallpapered retread of old ground but now we see the introduction of an ‘organisation’ that I’m going to call ‘The Hunters’ until I know more about them and if you’re a fan of Buffy season 4 then you’ll know what ground we are treading here.

In my mind the first season was about a voyage of self exploration for all the characters about coming to terms with who they are and what they are, it was about the travails of Being Human.  Paradoxically enough the season ends with the characters coming to terms with the fact that they aren’t human.  Does this mean they abandon all traces of their humanity?  Time will tell, all I know is that episode one, had me rapt for it’s entire running time; that in that time I laughed, flinched and felt real emotion for the characters.  In other words, bring it on – this is gonna be good.

Click here to listen – Being Human Cast Interviews with Lenora (Annie), Sinead (Nina) and Russell (George).

Lenora begged me for this pic....honest...ahem

Me responding to another picture request from Sinead this time...ahem

And don’t forget you can see the first episode on Sunday the 10th at 9:30 on BBC3 – here’s the trailer

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