TV REVIEW: Being Human Series 3 – Episode 1: Lia

I know something you don’t know. That’s mostly what I felt the character of Lia was taunting Mitchell with throughout the premiere episode. Our supernatural trio crew has relocated to new digs in Barry, Wales and the change in scenery has allowed for plenty of new plotlines and characters to expand the Being Human universe.

Firstly, we meet father and son werewolf duo, McNair (Robson Greene) and Tom (Michael Socha) who are planning for the full moon when crazy vampire leader Vincent (Paul Kaye) kidnaps Papa Wolf for his own sick purposes – a supernatural vs. human cage match. Kind of reminded me of the scene from X-Men where Wolverine gets roped into doing something similar. While trying to find a spot to transform, George and Tom see each other but the former is unable to find the other werewolf. Instead he finds a different kind of trouble.

Eventually, McNair escapes due to Tom sneaking up on and killing Vincent while he’s eating some chips. The way it happened makes me think this isn’t the first time they’ve been in this situation and now that Tom knows about George, who know what’ll happen next?

Meanwhile, brooding Mitchell who’s adamant on rescuing Annie, rides someone else’s coattails into purgatory. There, he meets his spirit guide, the cryptic Lia (Lacey Turner) and the only clue she gives to her identity is “H12”. He is faced with the demons of his past and as he picks a door, trying to find his lost friend, he keeps coming upon people he’s killed until it’s revealed that Lia was one of the passengers on the train cabin that Mitchell and Daisy murdered in cold blood. Lacey Turner played this character incredibly well – straddling the line effortlessly between slightly childish and playful to vengeful anger and loathing for Mitchell, who breaks down with guilt.

She finally releases Annie but not without a price. Her mysterious prophecy (because when aren’t prophecies mysterious?) for Mitchell’s future will keep you guessing for the rest of the series. Who is going to be his “wolf-shaped” bullet and bring about his demise?

While all this is going on, George manages to get arrested the day of the full moon for a rather embarrassing public offence, but as he and Nina try to find a safe place to transform, discover a pleasant side-effect to be locked up together after earlier plans to get in the mood are interrupted. I liked seeing the two actually happy for once after the downer that was the end of the last series.

The gang is back together again now that Annie’s returned though she’s not too happy with the move, her reunion scene with Mitchell was euphoric – I’d actually really like to see something happen between the two – and when Mitchell arrives back at the B&B seemingly without their fourth, George broke my heart. Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow did an AMAZING job getting all that emotion across. It made me pretty teary eyed and I don’t get that way easily!

All seems back to normal. But as we all know, it’s unlikely to remain that way for long. What did you think of the episode?

Rating: 4/5 Stars
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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