TV REVIEW: Being Human Series 3 – Episode 4: The Pack

I know I know. I’ve been bad at my Being Human review duties but work (the one that pays my salary that is) kicked into overdrive and hasn’t let up. Apologies dear readers!

For that, I’ll be doing shorter reviews of The Pack and The Longest Day. In both episodes, we learned all about family dynamics and how they wreaked havoc on our favorite quartet. Things are rapidly changing with the upcoming addition of the “little hairy baby” and Herrick – maybe he can be Grandpa Herrick since he and Nina are BFF all of a sudden.A few things have been bugging me of late – for instance, the handling of the Annie/Mitchell relationship for one or rather, the Mitchell-side of things. Can he stop being so flip floppy? Yes, I know he’s stressed about the “wolf-shaped bullet” prophecy but holy guacamole; he needs to settle on his feelings for at least 2 episodes before flipping out and losing it!

The biggest things we learned are that a) the baby can survive the change b) Tom isn’t McNair’s actual son – he was changed by McNair after the latter killed his parents. And how did he find that out? Courtesy of Can’t-Mind-Her-Own-Business Nina, who kept digging because she was so desperate for answers on having a werewolf baby; just like she was so desperate to find a cure for werewolfism (is that even a word?) and we all know what happened there.

But even though the baby can survive the change, the mechanics of a supernatural birth are frankly – gross. Like Twilight-levels of gross as the baby will likely claw its way out. Personally, I don’t think Nina will survive even if she manages to carry to term. Another question I had – who left the “wolf-shaped bullet” message on the dollhouse roof? How did McNair know to threaten Mitchell that way? I mean, it could be coincidence, but not so sure now.

I really enjoyed Annie and Mitchell’s reaction to the baby news – a nice break in the tension from all the “grrr” going around. I’m constantly surprised by the show’s ability to move so smoothly between the different genres without making it jarring. It’s rare to see that in TV today. And also speaking of Mannie/Antchell/Insert-Other-Odd-Couple-Name-Here, the problem of how a ghost and a vampire get it on was addressed in a rather skeevy way. Just because you can taste food by touching someone eating doesn’t mean it works for sex Annie (neither does her “dirty talk” GAH.)

Another solid episode as we’re mid-way through the series! Do you guys like it so far? The numbers certainly support that, which makes me quite happy.

Rating: 3/5 Stars
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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