TV REVIEW: Being Human Series 3 – Episode 5: The Longest Day

He’s baaaaack! Herrick that is and he’s causing plenty of discord at Honolulu Heights, especially for Mitchell. As we’ve previously seen, Mitchell’s typical reaction to getting rid of someone who threatens him is to kill them. But it’s easier said than done, especially since Herrick is the only one who knows how to “beat” death. And more than anything, that’s information Mitchell needs if he’s going to survive his wolf-shaped prophecy.Maybe it was Nina’s mommy & wolfy instincts kicking in but dear God did she get on every single nerve in my body throughout the entire episode. Throw in George siding with his girlfriend and pointing a wooden cane right at Mitchell’s heart and you have a not-so-impressed fan right here.

However, I do have to say that the events that unfolded have pushed Being Human to another darker and more intense level than any other series thus far. You could just feel George’s fear at possibly having to kill Herrick once more – something that probably didn’t help keep Nina at bay.

Then you’ve got the master vampire who apparently has amnesia after coming back from the dead, thanks to Cara – who shows up in Barry looking for her love. It depends on who you ask but I think Herrick is playing everyone for fools. Especially the only person who is truly sympathetic to him, Nina. I was surprised that Annie didn’t fall for his shtick – you’d think that having her be the nicest and most supportive of the group, that she’d fall first.

But Mitchell flipping out on her one too many times plus being stuck in Purgatory has maybe toughened her up a bit. Was proud that she finally stuck it to her flip-floppy, anger-management needing boyfriend but that she also saw how messed up he really is about having Herrick stay in the house.

Overall – I like how the episode has pushed everything drastically forward but I really do not like how Nina just ups and turns on Mitchell. She’s never liked him but really, the entire situation up to this point: Annie getting sucked into Purgatory, fell for Lucy & Kemp’s experimental “cure” scheme, got Mitchell’s coven blown up which led to the Box Car 20 massacre – all partially Nina’s fault.

Next week, we see the fruits of Nina’s betrayal grow when Mitchell starts being investigated by a government official on his knowledge of Box Car 20 massacre. What will she find? And who do you think is going to bring about Mitchell’s end? I have my thoughts but only time will tell.

Rating: 3/5 Stars
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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