TV REVIEW: Being Human Series 3 – Episode 6: Daddy Ghoul

We get a bit of a break from the heaviness of the past few episodes with the mostly humorous Daddy Ghoul. I’ve always wondered about George’s family, especially as the US version brought them to the forefront early on. I really enjoyed the lighter parts of this episode and especially that we see where a lot of George’s easygoingness, mannerisms and previous lack of “fight” came from. On the other end of the spectrum, things aren’t looking so great for Mitchell – as usual, Annie’s “helpfulness” is more a detriment than an asset.While Mitchell is going nuts looking for any mention of the Box Tunnel 20 massacre, Annie sneaks up on him (as ghosts are wont to do) and looks at him in horror. No, she hasn’t figured it out yet but what she does see is a bit of a shock regardless. The obits section shows us that George Sands Sr. has passed away.

In a bit of shock about losing his father, George decides to attend the funeral…from the sidelines. He still refuses to show himself to his mother after leaving 3 years prior due to the werewolf attack.

James Fleet (Four Weddings and a Funeral) was incredibly fun to see on screen as Papa Sands. When George tries to find a place to view the proceedings, he happens upon his father’s ghost. Or at least that’s what he thinks. With another chance to repair their relationship, father and son take on the task of trying to figure out what unfinished business George Sr has so he can cross over.

Back at Honolulu Heights, crazy Herrick is becoming more and more unstable. Mitchell tries to give him blood to bring back his memories but it doesn’t work as he needs fresh human blood to make him realize what he is.

With G-Squared, they do a bunch of stuff – crossing things off that the elder Sands hasn’t done like watching Titanic and paying for a newspaper tab. Soon enough though, Nina gets a call that George needs her and when they go back to the trailer where Mr. Sands Sr had been living…they find out that…well, he faked his own death!

The result of Nina’s betrayal shows up in the form of Nancy, a government agent who’s investigating the case. She comes off as easygoing and flippant but underneath that facade is a woman on a mission – and she’s onto Mitchell. However, when she arrives, she’s skinned her knee and the scent of fresh blood drives Herrick even more bonkers than before.

Annie tries to help Nancy when she’s pulled off the case but her helpfulness is leading straight to her boyfriend. She has no idea what she’s in for when she finds out his secret.

The Sands get reunited when George & Nina confront his mother and Sands Sr fights for his wife (kicking out the homewrecker PE teacher, who’s more than a bit of a jerk). All is well in the Sands household after that.

This wasn’t the best episode of the series but even when it’s not at it’s best, it’s till better than a lot of shows on TV right now! I’m glad we got a bit of a reprieve because the last two episodes are going to be killer – in more ways than one I’m sure.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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