TV REVIEW: Being Human Series 3 – Episode 7 & 8: Though the Heavens Fall & The Wolf Shaped Bullet


You can’t always get what you want. That saying definitely holds true for the last two episodes of Series 3. In the penultimate episode, Though the Heavens Fall, we finally see pieces of the prophecy coming to fruition; we find out who the wolf-shaped bullet is and are taken on an emotional rollercoaster before puttering to a stop. I thought the finale could have been much better; there were parts that made me cry for sure but overall, kind of a letdown.

McNair opens the second to last episode but it’s not the McNair we know now. No – it’s the one that’s just been turned and who’s to blame for that one? None other than Herrick! It makes a bit more sense of why this father/pseudo-son duo sniffing around the BH quartet from the beginning.  He also arrives at Honolulu Heights with a severe leg injury but he’s not really there for Nina and co to take care of him and Tom – he knows where Herrick is and this is last chance to get him. Unfortunately, that’s one fight he doesn’t win and ends up dead.

Annie’s the cause of her own misery half the time I think – her relentless need to “help” brought the police right to their doorstep. Didn’t she realize what would happen if they were all exposed? It’s not the first time bad things have gone down with vampires – what would human police do?

The fact that there were more vamps higher up the police food chain shouldn’t have been a surprise to me but it was a bit unexpected and brought some great shocking moments as poor Nancy struggled to get away.  Annie came to her rescue and it forced her to actually kill – a fact which she uses against Mitchell later on.

Nina still places misguided care into brainwashed Herrick’s hands and when Annie tells her and George that she (partially mistaken) knows it was Daisy who killed the Box Tunnel 20, backtracks – suddenly believing Mitchell to be innocent. It’s a bit of too little, too late.

The last 15 minutes of that episode were incredible – heart pumping, jaw dropping incredible. Mitchell allows himself to be arrested for Annie’s sake but warns that she doesn’t know w hat she’s set in motion. George & Nina arrive back from their first sonogram to discover the taped off crime scene, sending George into a fit of rage and leaving Nina to find his best friend.

Herrick finally gives into temptation and kills both McNair and then Nancy – bringing him back to his old self. To get revenge on George for ripping him apart in Series 1, he stabs Nina in the kidneys just as Mitchell’s picture is taken at the police house.

As far as the finale goes, to be honest – didn’t like the fact that the “prophecy” was just Lia’s way of getting revenge. She didn’t care about the collateral damage until Annie guilted her into seeing it, even if we did get the pay off since things were already set in motion.

Herrick being the only one to cover up Mitchell’s arrest was a bit farfetched; we know there were other vampires in the force, so why him? And he didn’t even do it properly since he only killed whoever was there at the time. Later on Herrick blindly trusts Mitchell all of a sudden – lets him out of the cage and lets him drive him to the beach? Seems that the thought of having his protégé back enough to make any reason in his brain go out the window.

Would’ve liked to have known what the secret to coming back was – even if it wasn’t Mitchell who had heard it.

You’re probably wondering, did I like ANYTHING about the finale? Well, that ending scene – with Mitchell asking George to kill him, it broke my heart into itty bitty pieces. Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner did a wonderful job with it. I had a feeling of what our favorite vampire’s fate would be and was given false hope when one of the Old Ones appeared. The abrupt shock of George staking Mitchell saying, “I’m doing this because I love you.” – just tore my emotions to shreds.

As you all know by now, BBC 3 has re-commissioned the show for a 4th series – but without the presence of Aidan Turner’s Mitchell, it’ll be hard to say what we can expect in the future. With that, the Box Tunnel 20 claimed its final victim. What did you think of the end of the Mitchell-era series?

Ratings: 3×07 – 4/5 | 3×08 – 2/5
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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  1. montoc1701 /

    I really liked the ending. Series 4 sounds like it could be BIG…. Would they ever take in another vampire??

    • Sharlene M /

      I appreciated what they did to move the story forward but thought that the 7th episode had more drama and action than the finale save for that last scene with the quartet.

  2. Shirleyusa /

    I was shocked when George actually staked Mitchell. I love the “Being Human” series & I hope season 4 will be just as good without Mitchell. I will miss Aidan Turner, he was intense & easy on the eyes.

    • Sharlene M /

      I’m going to miss Mitchell too! The show won’t be the same without him but we’ll see I guess!

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