‘Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits’ by David Wong

What a fantastic book. It is rare that a book, within a paragraph has frightened me, disgusted me, made me laugh and shake my head. What a perfect thing.

David Wong’s dystopian novel is not so far in the future as one would hope. A young girl finds herself in jeopardy from a grotesque and horrifically violent psychopath and is helped by a mysterious stranger on the end of a phone. It becomes apparent that, thanks to modern technology, the Blink network or Google glass of this book makes her a target of everyone who surrounds her.

In an age where the reality of celebrities and master criminals is streamed with a fandom following their mundane, fabulous and violent past times as entertainment, the vicarious has dampened the morality of its viewers once and for all. Baddies have brands. The audience motivates the antagonists and also becomes an antagonist itself by tracking anyone on the run in live video streaming and inspiring those who hunt them to entertain their audience.

The mystery and suspense is expertly kept up and so perfectly held as the main protagonist, Zoey tries to understand the situation into which she has been thrust. She inherits billions only to find that day by day her endangerment grows. Learning who she can trust is vital to understanding just what the heck is going on.

Zoey is written as a real woman. She is slightly overweight, she is badly dressed, incredibly human in the way the sci-fi heroines never are and devoted to her cat Stench Machine. She enters the world of her father, recently deceased, living in a mansion with all the fancy suits of the title but none of this can keep her safe. We follow her as she pursues answers with a bounty on her head against a truly terrifying opponent.

The one liners in this book are a gift, such fantastic writing. Characters are described in the succinct way of a genuine wordsmith using so few words to evoke exactly who an individual is with barely a flick of the pen. One of main characters is described by another as having the ‘personality of a robot programmed by an asshole’. Wonderful.

The world has become so disengaged that movies are now just called ‘Jaden Smith fights a giant snake’ and this is therefore why the book simply states ‘futuristic violence and fancy suits’ it is what it is. This is totally reflected in the writing style about which there is nothing fancy just an excellent page turning violent, witty, horrible, hopeful book that is absolutely and whole heartedly recommended.


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GS Rating: 5/5

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