BOOK REVIEW: Knits for Nerds

knits-for-nerdsI love knitting and I am a geek.  The problem is how do you combine this two great things.  Well other than Tom Bakers 20 foot scarf or Jayne Cobbs hat (see the great image of Wedgedoc after the jump as proof) there isn’t a lot of yarn in the geek-verse.  However Joan of Dark (aka Toni Carr) has provided us knitting geeks with 20 projects from Sci-Fi, Comics and Fantasy to sate our woollen needs.

jaynehatThere it is my husband (Wedgedoc) showing off his Jayne Cobb hat which I lovingly knitted (well knitted to test the pattern mentioned here).

Knits for Nerds is a new book out which even drew the attention of my favourite knitting magazine and at a cover price of $17 dollars seemed like a reasonable price for a book with 30 patterns.

This book has some great knits in such as a knitted Star Trek dress, a long cardigan based of Captain Mals coat and a beautiful shrug based on  the Light of Earendil. However a chunk of these patterns are from books that I have never heard of or inspired by things that do not interest me like a felted chess board bag.  There is also two patterns for knitted vest, named after Big Bang Theory which I do not feel link to the show at all.

However the patterns are well written and there is a good variety.  Overall there are 15 patterns which I will knit at some point, which is a lot higher than most pattern books I look at.

This book is packed with a variety of items, not just women’s clothes.  There are accessories, toys and knits for men, including a DNA tie which I have to knit someone for Christmas.

The book also includes a handy how-to guide in the back to help newbie knitters.

Beware though this book is American so there is some terminology which is a bit different if you are a British knitter and the majority of the recommended yarn is unable of this side of the pond.  However there are lots of tips out there how to substitute yarns and feel free to comment below and I will willingly help.

Rating: 3/5
Reporter: Amy

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