BOOK REVIEW: The Night Lies Bleeding by M.D. Lachlan

Title: The Night Lies Bleeding

Author: MD Lachlan

Publisher: Gollancz

Published: 22 Feb 2018

RRP: Paperback £20.00, eBook £10.99

Norse myths, werewolves and the second world war collide in the final volume of the best selling series which began with ‘Wolfsangel’.

The world is at war again. London is suffering from the German Blitz. For one immortal werewolf, the war means little. He knows he will soon have to give up his identity once more, begin a new life. Before the wolf emerges.

But a chance conversation leads him to the scene of a gruesome murder, and the realisation that another war is being fought. The runes want to be together, and when they are the wolf’s story will end.

And in Germany, one weak- willed doctor finds himself caught up in the Third Reich’s fascination with the occult and Norse myths. They believe that the runes will bring them power, and wish to abuse them for their own ends.

And if they succeed, Ragnarok will come.

This is my first encounter with Lachlan. Although part of a series, fascinatingly this novel can stand alone as beautifully crafted as it is. A genuine study of the human condition.

Chapter by chapter, humanity is relentlessly ripped open in all its darkness. This novel explores the degeneration to base of individuals seemingly unconnected: a doctor in a Nazi hold, a wife succumbing to her true nature losing touch even with reality, holocaust inmates losing their own human identity through starvation, desperation to survive and death, and a werewolf slowly regressing, undoing all that which makes him human. One by one they surrender to their worst instincts while reality and myth collide. The disparate protagonists spin their own webs through the twisted corridors of this book until they find each other in a shocking, brutal finale.

I will certainly go back to read the other books in this series now as I found myself deeply cast into the world Lachlan has so skilfully created. Those of you who are not generally into to this genre should consider this as the thriller that bridges into the arena of werewolves, gods and ritual, while rooting itself in the inescapable grittiness one of its darkest periods of human history.

Rating: 5/5

Reviewer: The Aviator

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