BOOK REVIEW: No One Gets Out Alive

Moving into a new home can be a scary thing, but for Stephanie Booth it could end up being her last house.

AUTHOR: Adam Nevill
PUBLISHER: Pan Macmillan
628 pages

Darkness lives within . . .

Cash-strapped, working for agencies and living in shared accommodation, Stephanie Booth feels she can fall no further. So when she takes a new room at the right price, she believes her luck has finally turned. But 82 Edgware Road is not what it appears to be.

It’s not only the eerie atmosphere of the vast, neglected house, or the disturbing attitude of her new landlord, Knacker McGuire, that makes her uneasy – it’s the whispers behind the fireplace, the scratching beneath floors, the footsteps in the dark, and the young women weeping in neighbouring rooms. And when Knacker’s cousin Fergal arrives, the danger goes vertical.

But this is merely a beginning, a gateway to horrors beyond Stephanie’s worst nightmares. And in a house where no one listens to the screams, will she ever get out alive?

Stephanie Booth is not just down on her luck, but on the very verge of utter hopelessness. She is currently temping and looking for somewhere cheap to live until she can sort herself out. 82 Edgehill Road is cheap and has lots of rooms available so seems prefect for her needs.

However she should have listened to the saying ‘If it looks to good to be true it probably is’ Her landlord Knacker McGuire and his dilapidated house give her the creeps. During the day she thinks she sees girls who turn out not to be there, and at night she is kept awake by weeping, whispers and footsteps. Just when Steph thinks that things can’t get any worse Knacker’s cousin Fergal arrives and soon Steph realises that she will have to get out of the house at any cost, before she becomes trapped there too.

No One Gets Out Alive is a hefty tomb of a book at over 600 pages but I never felt that it was a challenge, instead I was hooked pretty much from the very beginning and all the way until the brilliantly executed ending.

The characters are well-formed, and Knacker and Fergal are especially sinister giving the whole story a very overwhelming sense of foreboding. You know something bad is going to happen, but the plot unfolds in such a way to make your dread build and build, and even when you think it’s all over you are knocked back off your feet again.

Adam Nevill is a very good at writing a slow burning plot, but this is definitely one of the best books of his I have read.

A menacing novel that gets under your skin and stays there.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: darkphoenix1701

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  1. Thank you or the review, Dark Phoenix. Much appreciated, and really pleased you enjoyed the book!

    • darkphoenix1701 /

      Mr Nevill – you are most welcome. I look forward very much to your next book.

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