BOOK REVIEW: Pandora’s Star by Peter Hamilton


When astronomer Dudley Bose notices a seemingly impossible astronomical phenomen, the disappearance of two stars, the commonwealth is set abuzz with speculation as to what could have caused it. For the first time in 1000 years a solidarity expedition is launched – after all we need to what’s out there.

The consequences of this action could never have been forseen and a saga which spans 2000 worlds and the entwined lives of dozens
of people is set into motion.

This is the first of two books set in Hamiltons commonwealth and he manages to give this story a truly epic feeling. In a universe in which human colonisation has been facilitated by wormhole technology Hamilton has managed to immerse the reader in the life of the commonwealth worlds and endow each world with a separate character. I also enjoy the stories investigation of the changes that rejuvenation technology has wrought amongst humanity, a truly believable social evolution. I also welcome the scientific integrity that resonates throughout the book. Whether you completely understand the technobabble or not you are left in no doubt that the author has not cobbled together the technological elements of the story.

Hamilton has also managed to do something which few authors can do really well and that is to craft a story in which dozens of characters are well balanced throughout and much like the planets each have their own voice.

Hamilton has been on my radar for a while but I have been put off by the size of his tomes. However, despite what could be perceived as the dry intricacies of politics, technological and social exploration, when the action hits, it’s hard big and decisive. The story also draws heavily on crime writing tropes and is littered with soap opera elements. What im tryint to say is that the pages flew by.

This is space opera in the true meaning of the term, without a doubt Hamilton is the literary ( and more sophisticated ) descendant of EE Doc Smith and Asimov

Kind of wish I hadn’t waited so long

GS Reporter: Monts

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