BOOK REVIEW: Redoubt (The Collegium Chronicles: Book 4)

In the fourth Collegium Chronicles book, is Mags finally about to find out about his past and exactly what Karse want with him. And if so what will it mean for his future? 

Mags, a young Herald trainee in Haven, the capital city of Valdemar, has very rare talents. Recognising this, the King’s Own Herald trains Mags as a spy, tasking him with uncovering the secrets of a mysterious new enemy who has taken an interest in Mags himself. Why is an even deeper mystery. The answers can only be found in the depths of Mags’ past, if he survives long enough to find them.

Redoubt is the fourth Valdemar novel in The Collegium Chronicles series. It is set two years after the events of the periods novel ‘Changes’. Mags is still working in the shop with Nikolas in order to gain more information about the kidnappers hired by Karse. Mags is also interested to find out what Karse want with him too. In this novel he finally gets this information as well as the details of his past that he has been trying to find out for years, however not in the explosive circumstances that occur when he must use all of his wits and Herald training to escape from.

Our four main characters have grown up even more and this is showed by the step Bear and Lena take in their relationship, and makes Mags think more about his relationship with Amily – the author has in this book showed really well that they are not kids any more but growing into adults – some of which provides problems for Mags seeing as he spent his early years growing up in a mine.

It is great that after three previous books our patience is finally rewarded as all the details of Mags’ past are revealed to him. Some authors may have dragged this out for longer, but by being given this information it means that the plot can move on and not stagnate. I was really glad when this happened as I felt that the first part of the book was a little slow, so this really helped to get things moving.

I really enjoyed this book, especially when the action with Karse kicked in. Now the details of Mags’ past have finally been revealed I can’t wait to read the next novel ‘Bastion’ to see where Mercedes Lackey takes us next.

Another good novel in a series that has just kicked up a gear, Mag’s story is really starting to get interesting now.

Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: darkphoenix1701

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