Book Review: Reviver

Pan MacMillan have just release Reviver, a book which has already had its film rights sold to Legendary Pictures (The Dark Knight Rises, Inception and Man of Steel) – can this début book from Seth Patrick live up to the hype it’s creating?

Death won’t silence them.

Revivers. Able to wake the recently dead, and let them bear witness to their own demise. Twelve years after the first reviver came to light, they have become accepted by an uneasy public. The testimony of the dead is permitted in courtrooms across the world. Forensic revival is a routine part of police investigation.

In the United States, that responsibility falls to the Forensic Revival Service. Despite his troubled past, Jonah Miller is one of their best. But while reviving the victim of a brutal murder, he encounters a terrifying presence. Something is watching. Waiting. His superiors tell him it was only in his mind, a product of stress. Jonah is not so certain.

Then Daniel Harker, the first journalist to bring revival to public attention, is murdered, and Jonah finds himself getting dragged into the hunt for answers. Working with Harker’s daughter Annabel, he’s determined to find those responsible and bring them to justice. Soon they uncover long-hidden truths that call into doubt everything Jonah stands for, and reveal a threat that if not stopped in time, will put all of humanity in danger . . .

Reviver tells the story of Jonah Miller. He is a Reviver – someone who possesses the ability to wake the recently dead and either find out how they died, or enable them to say goodbye to their loved ones.

All is going along as normal until the deceased in a recent murder that Jonah brings back, begs to be let go, warning of something waiting in the dark. This is just the start of Jonah’s problems, which lead him down a path of murder, terrorism, and the possibility of corruption within his own ranks. However all that will seem minor compared to the horrible truth of what has been patiently waiting in the dark to be set free.

Reviver is definitely a book that should go into your reading list for this year. The plot is original and very well paced, drawing you in from the very beginning right the way through to the last page.  The characters are believable, and again the writing draws you right into their lives.

And in case that isn’t enough, the publishers have also come up with a clever digital campaign which will help draw you into the world of Reviver even more – through the use of an app called Blippar. It turns you into a Reviver yourself by bringing the person on the cover of the book back to life so you can hear what she says. For a video demonstration on how this works go here……..then head over to the Forensic Revival Service website for exclusive content surrounding the book.

Talk about getting your moneys worth! Not only an excellent book, but interactive gizmos to make the experience even more immersive.

Read this book now – though maybe with the lights on!

AUTHOR: Seth Patrick
Pan MacMillian
420 pages

Rating: 5/5
Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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