BOOK REVIEW: The White Worm by Sam Siciliano

Sherlock and the case of the White Worm by Sam Siciliano

Sherlock takes on a new case of young man who has been told, by anonymous letter that he is about to marry into a family of femme fatales whose connection to the eponymous ‘white worm’ could bring about his doom.

I have to say that this novel dragged the full length of the white worm. This is irritating in two ways. One, that the parts when the story was good and the adventure was progressing was fantastic, but second, the parts that were obvious filler were interminable.

This is echoed by the foreword in which the author freely admits that he has no strong, good feelings towards the book on which he loosely bases his narrative. It shows.

It becomes obvious very early on where the conclusion will lie and the journey there then becomes longer.

I have no doubt that this author is accomplished. There were parts of this book that were brilliant in their description and innovation. The plot was great, it was intriguing, fascinating even at points. However to begin, in the foreword by destroying the apparent inspiration of the book as ‘a Victorian curiosity shop full of bizarre kinky knick knacks. The prose is over wrought…’, I can’t help but say that subconsciously the author has carried this tradition through.

One cannot fault the retelling of Sherlock Holmes as a character and the style of mystery which is by turns supernatural and yet so very human. Sherlock’s sleuthing is as amazing as ever. It is a shame that this story could have been great if just half as long. The narrative could have moved along at a stellar pace since when the action does happen it is written so well and for those parts, I was indeed swept along.

It is as if this book needs a ‘director’s cut’ and then I firmly believe it would be a good read. As it stands now I feel rather beige about the experience.

GS Rating: 2/5

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