BOOK REVIEW: Young Sherlock Holmes Fire Storm

A mysterious fire, a friend who has vanished…  …a man who claims to raise the dead. Sherlock Holmes is at a loss. His friend and her father have disappeared. Their house is empty, as if nobody has ever lived there. His attempts to solve the case take Sherlock to Scotland, and into an even darker mystery – one that involves kidnapping, bodysnatchers and a man who says he can control the dead. He’s faced death before, but can Sherlock Holmes defeat the forces of Hell?

The fourth book in the Young Sherlock Holmes series by Andrew Lane entitled Fire Storm landed on my doorstep and I was really excited to be reading about the young life of the famous detective. Having not read the first three books I did not know what to expect from this fourth entry. Sherlock Holmes is hot property right now with the BBC series, the movies with Robert Downey Junior and the soon to arrive American series Elementary starring Johnny Lee Millar. The downside to all this is that you are flooded with various interpretations of the iconic character. What Andrew Lane has done is go back to the core of the man from the books and look at how he came to be the man brought to life by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writings.

Sherlock is a young man in his early teens living in the 1860’s. By the time of this book he is fast becoming the Holmes we know. He has two guiding forces in his life, one an American hunter Amyus Crowe who is teaching Holmes in ways of hunting and discovery which leads to his way of thinking. Then there is Rufus Stone who is his teacher and sometimes bodyguard hired by his brother to keep an eye on Sherlock.

In this story Holmes is involved in a few different cases but the main effort is to find his missing mentor Crowe and his daughter Virginia who has feelings for Sherlock and vice versa. The case leads Sherlock and his friend Matty across the UK up to Scotland where they end up in Edinburgh. This is where author Lane uses historical fact to build the story and atmosphere.

We meet various characters along the way and each one is just another riddle for Sherlock to solve. As the various cases are solved we see Holmes using more of his skills and learn new ones, but the most fun is the case where he has to solve a murder in a short time or it could mean the end for one of his friends. This was Holmes at his best.

Overall this is a great book with some fun set ups and the writing is easy and enjoyable. It not only brings back a lovable character to our book shelves but teaches us more about the world’s greatest consulting detective. My only regret is that I never read the others first. I plan to correct that mistake NOW!

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Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Montoya

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