Carry On My Wayward Son: Why Fans Should Come Back to Supernatural

Two Brothers, one car an angel and a drunk who together they stopped the Apocalypse. After losing and then finding their father, going to Hell, becoming addicted to demon blood and discovering they were the vessels for the epic fight to end all fights, it all came to end with one brother falling into the “cage” and the other finally finding happiness and a normal life. Or so they thought.

This was the journey of two brothers named Dean and Sam Winchester and the show that became a cult hit – Supernatural.

As season 5 came to a close that was where it was supposed to end as creator Eric Kripke had only planned a 5 season run and had moved on to new pastures. However the show continued and we have had 2 more seasons with season 8 announced just this week. Like many monsters in the show, the cult that is Supernatural just won’t die but some fans think it should have. Is this fair? Surely you want your favourite show to go on forever right? But not if the quality goes down, loses what made it special and not if the studio just cranks out any old rubbish to earn the ratings.

Season 6 of Supernatural had mixed reviews and with season 7 drawing to a close in America that criticism has continued. Some fans even stopped watching their beloved show but should they have? Has the quality of Supernatural been reduced to a bloody corpse much like the many suburban victims in the show itself? I say no. Supernatural may have had a change of show runner and there may have been even darker times of the Winchesters in the last two years but I say the show still has the magic it had from the very first episode and for those of you who did leave – I’m going to pull you back out of Hell.

First of all let’s look at season 6. In a nutshell, Sam was in Hell while Dean was living the “apple pie” life he promised to Sam. But that all changed when Sam was found to be alive and well hunting with their believed dead grandfather Samuel. Dean became slowly drawn back into the life, choosing between hunting and his new family – an emotional wretch for Dean that had dire consequences later in the series. Sam was back but with no soul, the boys were forced to work for Crowley for a time, Cas was at war in heaven and the mother of all monsters made an appearance leading up to one of hell of a shocking ending.

While people criticised the darker tone of season 6 and lack of overall big bad (or too many big bad’s), I find this a bit redundant. Topping the Apocalypse is tough so what can you do? The only thing you can do, make it more personal and get into the nitty gritty of what the threats are and season 6 did this brilliantly with the real dangers of the numerous monsters in their world – especially when they become organised. While in previous series there was always a “monster of the week”, this series truly explored their origins, ideas and real ability to be a clear and present danger if they was organised – “All Dogs Go to Heaven”  was superb in this, exploring what really makes a monster and the danger of monster sleeper cells.

Supernatural always excels at exploring emotion and we had this in spades. As always there is the Sam and Dean relationship and once again it was strained but with Sam’s lack of soul it wasn’t the usual “Dean vs. Sam, older vs. younger, I’m right vs. your wrong” that we had in previous seasons. Sam had no soul and essentially wasn’t Sam – which gave for some really funny stuff from Jared Padalecki who is normally more the straight man of the two leads.

You had a peek into Bobby’s life and his relationship with the boys with some phenomenal acting by Jim Beaver and then more of the fan favourite relationship – Dean and Castiel. While Cas wasn’t in the show as much as season 4 and 5, when he did show – wow. Dean and Cas may be seen sometimes as slash fan material for the girls but I think it is a truly deep relationship that provides a lot of heart to the show and possibly the most laughs (and this show has plenty of those).

If what I’ve said hasn’t convinced you so far I will give you 6 reasons why season 6 was awesome:

  1. Resolution to the cliff hanger ending of season 5 – c’mon we ALL wanted to know.
  2. The introduction of Sebastian Roche aka Balthazaar – a brilliant comedic talent with a genuine English accent.
  3. More Crowley & more Bobby
  4. “Frontierland” – Winchesters, time travel and the Old West? CHECK.
  5. “The French Mistake” – nuff said on this. The most Meta episode of any show EVER and one of the funniest things I have seen in my life!
  6. THAT ending – “Godstiel” – say no more.

So with that we have season 7 and once again it has divided fans. The series is not due to be shown until June on Sky Living here in the UK but I can tell you 7 things about the upcoming episodes:

  1. “Godstiel”
  2. Death – literally and figuratively
  3. A Unicorn – complete with a rainbow coming out of its arse.
  4. The most dangerous enemy for the Winchesters yet.
  5. One of the brothers gets married – fan girls hearts break.
  6. Felicia Day and Jewel Staite guest star – fan boys pants move inches.
  7. Cliff hangers and a build up to finale you cannot wait for.

I cannot deny there are things that happen in season 7 that will NOT be popular and for those who have seen the episodes already (a minute’s silence for “mega-video”) you know what they are but as the series draws to a close we know it’s building to something and that something is going to be EPIC. For those that gave up and stopped watching – do you really want to miss out on that?

To conclude, while season 6 and season 7 have their negative points they are not the soulless, money marking, studio cranked garbage that could’ve been put out and in my mind provide some the best episodes of Supernatural there has been through the whole run. The cast, in particular the leads Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, are committed to the show.

If this still doesn’t convince you then I will leave you with the news that with season 8 there is a new show runner — long time Supernatural production/writing/directing primo Jeremy Carver who was behind some of Supernatural’s most memorable episodes “Changing Channels”, “A Very Supernatural Christmas” and “Mystery Spot”.

That news has lifted the Supernatural faithful more than a healing hand of Cas and if it does that for us…then come back my wayward son….come back to Supernatural.

GS Reporter: Steven Stone

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