Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love


In this new title collecting the hot 6-issue miniseries from the writer of iZOMBIE, Fabletown’s top agent must stop illegal trafficking in supernatural artifacts. But can Cindy foil the dark plot before Fabletown is exposed to the mundy world? 

I went icy cold when I walked into Orbital in Covent Garden and saw this new Fables graphic novel blinking at me on the table.  I snatched it up, ran to the counter and paid for it and hugged it.

Cindy is one of my favourite characters in Fables and I’m so pleased she got to come out and play in her first mini-series spin off from the overall Fables series.

  Few people know her real life job – they see her as a bit of an airhead, flitting from one country to the next, doing a lot of shopping, doing the socialite thing.  She is also the owner of the Glass Slipper, a popular shoe shop in Fabletown.  What they don’t know is that she’s actually a spy working for the Sheriff (Beast) and is pretty much the Fables equivalent of James Bond.  Only female and pretty damn cute.

She is sent to Dubai to investigate the unexpected appearance of random magical items on the black market.  She meets Aladdin (of course!) and reluctantly, after some fancy fight moves and witty repartee, do they investigate the goings on but can they keep their obvious attraction to a working relationship to see the whole matter through?

Wonderfully illustrated throughout, the story moves fast.  The mystery is relatively simple, so it gives us a chance to get to know Cindy a bit better and ponder the implications of what she reveals in her investigations.

Chris Roberson does an admirable job with Cindy’s first solo outing and you can sense that there is more to what is going on than what you may suspect.  What I liked is that a reader new to Fables could walk in and pick this up as a standalone read and completely get the story.   If the story didn’t get them into Fables, then the art work by Shawn McManus definitely would.  I think that between them, Roberson and McManus managed Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love with great care and love.  They aren’t quite Billingham and Willingham and Sturges, but they are pretty damn close.  

PS: I’ve done some searching and have found some of the artwork from the graphic novel over at Scans Daily with one of the pages below for illustrative purposes. The one thing I love about Fables in general is the clever use of storytelling, storyboarding and art and colour.  Even if I didn’t like the series, I would still be in love with the quality of the productions. 

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