COMIC REVIEW: Angel & Faith #24

angelandfaith24It’s all kicking off in the Buffyverse, with this issue. If you like looking at Angel punching people and delivering a good angst ridden speech, you’ll love this comic.

Issue #24 of Angel & Faith picks up where last week’s issue left off. Whistler and his cronies Pearl and Nash have unleashed a magical plague over Hackney (curse you! The Pie and Mash shop had better be untouched…)

Slayer Nadira lies mortally wounded while Angel and Faith are left alone to stop the bad guys from ending the word. As the innocents below succumb to the effects of too much magic on human bodies, can Angel stop Whistler and make him realise there has to be another way, one without the MASSIVE loss of human life? Let’s see if he can pull it off – PREPARE FOR PUNCHING!

This series has been an absolute joy to read! The artwork has been excellent, you can actually tell who’s who! (In some previous Buffy comics I have had no idea which character is actually talking). Rebekah Isaacs has a gift for portraying really emotional features, Angel looks particularly angsty and mad in this issue.

There’s also a lot of gore, really well done, body mangling gore. Kudos to colourist Dan Jackson for his gorgeously bright and squeamish colour palette this issue. Writer Christos Cage still manages to get some great humour into a pretty heavy issue, thanks to Giles’ superficial Aunts. He really keeps the tension up for the entire comic, which was impressive considering it is a continuation of the fight from issue 23.

I hope this is a series that’ll continue long after season 9 ends. It’s surpassing its sister comic Buffy in every way. The art is superior in Angel & Faith by far and it’s been quite a dark arc for both series, but Angel & Faith has held our attention more with some killer storylines and brilliant in jokes.

We have loved the London setting for this series. We’ve enjoyed all the Anglicisms in the books (particularly the David Tennant appearance and mentions of sheep shaggers and Manchester United.)

We can’t wait to see how this fight concludes, we bet it’ll be bloody.

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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